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We all love Christmas, there is no denying that it is the most wonderful time of the year!

However, there are downsides to the fabulous gifts, the scrumptious dinner, and the festive treats. A lot of it leaves piles of waste lying around, things that aren’t recyclable and a lot of waste that could be avoided.

Here’s how to have a zero-waste Christmas dinner:


Let’s start with the main – meat. Most people buy their Christmas turkey (or whatever your preference is) from the supermarket, these come in non-recyclable plastic packaging. That’s already one bit of waste, and that’s if you don’t bring your own re-useable bag! In order to combat this, there are some alternative, zero-waste ways to get your meat.

One of these ways is to buy from your local butcher, not only are you helping your community, but you are saving the planet, one turkey at a time. If you buy from your butcher, you can take it home in your own container, and, to really cut out waste, use leftovers.

You can also get your night time meat i.e the lamb/beef/pork that all the guests like to snack on in the night, from your local butchers too, because the massive Christmas dinner they had just five hours ago wasn’t enough!


You can also buy your fruit and veg locally, from your local market, veg shop, or if you don’t have access to these, you can buy loose fruit and veg from the supermarket, either bring your own container or use the reusable bags they have in store.

Picture of fresh fruit and vegetables

Cheese is another big thing for Christmas in many households, to reduce your waste when buying cheese, try and buy some in wax coating instead of plastic wrapping. Wax is biodegradable and better for the planet.


You also have the option to make a lot of the food that contributes to the waste yourself, from scratch, producing no waste.

The first, arguably the most popular option is to make all your deserts for the day and night yourself, cutting out the unnecessary plastic waste. You can also find a lot of the ingredients for these things in local zero waste shops, reducing your waste even more.

photo of homemade cupcakes

You can also cut down waste by making your own advent calendars or buying a reusable one. This saves you throwing one out every year and even better, you can fill each day with whatever you want! On that note, you can also get biodegradable or reusable napkins!

If you want to make the switch to living a more zero waste life, find lots of delicious recipes here.

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