Free and Cheap Things to Do in Cardiff: Easter Weekend 2019, 18-24 April

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It’s finally here, it’s the Easter Weekend. In my family, we have a rule that if the temperature hits 18°c, we all have to pack off to Tenby for the weekend and build some wicked sandcastles.

It’s looking like the mercury might just hit those lofty heights this Saturday, so I say go for it. There are lots of reasons to stick around Cardiff if you don’t want to skip town, though.

That’s right, it’s time to find out what’s free and/or cheap in Cardiff this week. Do you know of any events that slipped under our radar? If so, please let us know by sending in your own cheap events (FBTIGeMailWeb) and demanding MORE LISTICLES.

First of all, let’s point out that there is one big sporting event this weekend, it’s unlikely to be that cheap but will definitely be one of the biggest events in Cardiff this Easter.


It’s Cardiff City FC v Liverpool FC, currently top of the league. The Bluebirds don’t beat LFC that often, but imagine the atmosphere if they do! Find out more about the fixture on the CCFC website.


When I grow up, wanna be a star, wanna be famous, wanna be in movies. So sang The Pussycat Dolls in 2008. If you relate to this now-ancient bit of pop music and are older than 16, you might want to pop along to this Open Casting event for Film Extras, in Cardiff’s Marriott Hotel, from 10am to 4pm this Thursday. More info is available on Facebook.

If you still feel like you want more fame and fortune after that, head over to the Film and TV Networking event at O’Neill’s at 7- this is for an older crowd, and will need a ticket. Get one on Eventbrite.

If you’re in east Cardiff, a load of the green themed organisations we love including Green City and the Repair Cafe are in Trowbridge Green for a fair. There’ll be free workshops and craft sessions from 11am til 3pm.

If you’re after some late night vibes you could do worse than “Late Night Library” at Blue Honey Night Cafe- the very place that recently won best club night at the Cardiff Music Awards. If you don’t know, it’s in what is Sully’s Cafe at daytime, just off the end of Womanby St. It seems unlikely any real books are involved, here’s the Facebook, decide for yourselves.


If you hear a strange sound this Friday, don’t worry: it’s only Wales going Pop. More specifically, it’s Wales Goes Pop at the Gate, a music festival suitable for, apparently, all ages. In fact if you have a little brother or sister you may as well bring them along- under 12s go free. The festival runs from Thursday to Sunday, so make your easter a musical one and grab a bunch of tickets ASAP!


Wales Goes Pop isn’t what I’d usually call cheap (but it CAN be free if you go as a press reviewer for TheSprout… shame nobody snapped that one up!), admittedly neither is this next item: Showstoppers at Bloc, the old public toilet turned cafe. It’s an evening of musical medley in aid of the National Association for the Children of Alcoholics. Check it out here. However, food IS included, and it’s all for a good cause. This could be a night to remember!


Where are you coming from? All I know is that Where I’m Coming From is back this Sunday, the open mic night for BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) young artists. It’s from 3pm, it’s in Tramshed, it’s totally free. Get your free ticket on Eventbrite.

It doesn’t feel wholesome to me to be at da club on Easter Sunday, but I guess if you’re not working on Monday you may as well. That’s why there’s a Kong’s Takeover happening for you 18 plus year olds to boogie into the night. Get your tickets here, or check out the Facebook event.


Our pals at Ffangai have arranged something a little different Tuesday afternoon at Cathays Library, with lots of bookish events on for the bookishly inclined. You’ve heard of World Book Day, now it’s World Book Night. Check it out– it’s on from 3-6pm.

You may have seen in the news, between the Youth Climate Strike and the XR International Rebellion, currently filling the streets of London, that ordinary people are getting really passionate about stopping climate change. If you feel the same, you can come along to a spontaneous mass bike ride, known as Critical Mass. The aim of the event is to encourage the Welsh Government to take some real action on climate change, whilst also drawing attention to the poor state of Cardiff’s road network for cyclists. Read more on the Facebook event.


XR Cardiff’s Critical Mass bike event continues on Wednesday and Thursday.

Don’t forget that you can also join in the easter egg hunt down at Mermaid Quay.

There’s also a very, very exciting event in the form of this Radical Bird Walk. What can “radicals, utopians and book burners” learn from the birds? Meet at Bute Park at 6pm, but be warned, the content of this birdwatching bonanza “may not be suitable for children.” Check it out, as ever, on Facebook.

Green City are holding a Wasteless Wardrobe event as well. Learn some clothes mending techniques at this workshop for £11. It’s at Little Man Coffee from 6:30pm.


It’s Rawffest! Have you got your ticket to Wales’ biggest festival of youth led arts? Find out more about the festival by reading our latest countdown interviews with Dan, Fraser and Emmy.

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